Certainly, promotion of tourism is a boon for every nation. Above and beyond making the visitors familiar with the art, culture, and history of a place, it generates income for the people and revenue for the government. Sadly, with the demand going up in world tourism, unhealthy methods are being used by people that put an adverse impact on the nature. Recognizing the need for promoting eco-friendly tourism, Swosti Chilika Resort, has remained a pioneer by introducing distinctive steps in the promotion of it. As Chilika has already been recognized as a major place on the world tourism map, Swosti Group has engaged all the effective measures to keep its activities healthy for the environment. The visitors from all over the world has always felt that the resort is the best place to book hotel online.

Swosti Chilika Eco Resort
(IGBC Green Building Platinum Awarded Resort)

Restoration of ecology and Chilika

After the visit of Anada Tiega, Secretary General of Ramsar convention, our group has been at the forefront by extending full support and cooperation to the promotion of eco-tourism in the wetland. As it is already known that almost 4 lakhs tourists visit Chilika every year, we have always abided by the Ramsar guidelines and got appreciation from the visiting dignitaries for our efforts. The lagoon is home to 220 species of resident and foreign birds and Swosti group has always maintained strict compliance with the rules of preservation of ecology in the natural lake without disturbing it in the least. For our consistency in introducing eco-friendly methods, we have got highest inquiries for last minute hotel booking for Chilika.

Swosti Chilika Resort IGBC Award
(Mr. Chiranjiv Mohanty , Director of SwostiGroup India receiving the prestigious Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) award, (part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)) at the Swosti Chilika Resort Inauguration.)

Cent percent compliance of preservation norms

Going by the understanding that eco-tourism not only means viewing the places but feeling, caring, and understanding, and preserving in a holistic way the values of the natural places, as the pioneer among hotels in Chilika, Swosti group has constructed its resort with cent percent compliance of the norms for ecology.

Swosti Chilika Resort
Front View of Swosti Chilika Resort

Our construction of the resort and operations are fully compliant of the pollution norms and for this, we have got recognition time and again. This is not only true for our establishments in Chilika but for our all hotels and resorts across Odisha. The visitors from India and abroad have invariably shown interest in our activities and for this, there has been consistent rise in the resort booking.

The vital places in Chilika for eco-tourism

In our consistent efforts to promote eco-tourism, our group has laid maximum importance on protecting the wonderful dolphin point at Satapada and birds sanctuaries in Chilika.

Mangalajodi, Bird Watching Area
(Mangalajodi, Bird Watching Area)

Taking note of the drive by the present government to protect ecological balance of Chilika, we have given our complete cooperation to the local people, residing near Puri Chilika Lake and been part of the eco-tourism campaign throughout the last years Being equipped with all the certifications from state and national pollution control authorities, we have stayed at the forefront of “save Chilika” campaign.

Swosti Chilika Resort
(Swosti Chilika Resort – Top View)

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