If you are thinking of hosting a destination wedding away from the hustle-bustle of the city, then you must be searching for the best place that delivers more than your expectation. Isn’t it? After all, it’s that ONE SPECIAL DAY. And you don’t want anything that could hamper your desired lavish wedding ceremony and reception.

If you’re planning to arrange the wedding in a perfect destination wedding resort, then there couldn’t be anything better than Swosti Chilika Resort.

Yes, the world-class luxury resort is all set to host your dream wedding. Your fairy-tale destination wedding is now possible here at Swosti Chilika Resort.

Built on the banks of pristine Chilika Lake, you wouldn’t get any better place to start your new phase of life. Sprawling enthralling landscape with pure gentle breeze and contemporary amenities with finest luxury indulgences can leave every soul present over there spell-bound.

It will give your guests to soak in every moment.

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding

Swosti Chilika Resort, Though Nestled in a place away from the modern dwellings, the resort is an embodiment of contemporary design inspired from its natural surroundigs – uncluttered and understated. The service is not only efficient but intuitive, charming, and warm.

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding


Facilities that will woo your guests in your wedding day.

  1. Your Guests can have pool party at the large swimming pool.

destination wedding chilika

2. Guests can enjoy at the musical party that can be arranged in the dedicated amphitheater and open air party space.

musical party 3. Guests can take rest at the cozy villas & Finely-crafted Cottages.

cozy villas & Finely-crafted Cottages. 4. Arrange Reception at the open air party space

open air party space5. Let Your Guests Relax & Pamper at Our Ekayaa Spa

ekayaa spa


6. Guests also can enjoy at our dedicated Game-zones. There are game zones both for kids & Adults.

game zones swosti chilika


Just Give a Call on 09338015588 / 09337476478 to Inquire about Your Customized Dream Wedding at Swosti Chilika Resort, Best Resort in Odisha

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