migratory birds at Chilika lake

Migratory Birds at Chilika Lake

Visitors at Chilika Lake discover innumerable endangered species of birds at the mesmerizing Chilika Lake, Largest lagoon on the northern hemisphere.

migratory birds at chilika lake
Migratory Birds at Mangalajodi

The uninterrupted chirping of innumerable types of birds amid the tranquility of nature and natural flora and fauna are indeed unforgettable discoveries by the visitors to the Mangalajodi and Nalabana Island.

migratory birds at chilika lake

This year in 2019, over a million of migratory birds already landed at Chilika lake.

The nature blossoms with the touch of pleasant weather from winter and there comes the time, the vast expanse of Chilika becomes the bee-hive of fish, dolphins, birds, and animals. The visitors, flocking to Chiilika, share the joy with them in the blissful atmosphere of the natural lake.

Migratory birds at Chilika Lake

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