1. Chilika

Chilika Lake, popularly known as Chilka, the queen of Natural scenery in Odisha, also known as the Swiss-lake in the continent. Chilika provides an opportunity to visit nature and natural beauties through its vast coverage of bluish water, small green mountains and islands in it and the clean bluish sky with floating clouds. That is why Chilika has attracted many poets, nature lovers, bird watchers and even the general public and tourists every year.



2. Gopalpur Sea Beach

Gopalpur beach is an ideal destination for those who wish to gather some great memories with their family and friends. The beach is a must visit for nature lovers, adventure seekers and photographers.

3. Koraput

Koraput is surrounded by thick forest, hill station and waterfalls. It is famous for Jagannath Temple, Gupteswar Temple, Duduma Water fall etc.

4. Hirakud Dam

Hirakud Dam is one of the longest Dam in the world. Constructed on Mahanadi River this is historic dam in India. It is situated in Sambalpur district of Odisha.

5. Kapilash Temple

Kapilash also known as the Chandrashekhar Temple and is situated in the north eastern part of Dhenkanal town, Odisha, India. It is 100kms distance from Bhubaneswar. This temple is surrounded by green and thick forest.



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