Numerous Art Forms & Crafts That Reveal the Ancient Beauty of Odisha’s Artisans

Arts and crafts are such a piece of specialization that has reflected the rich diversified culture of Odisha. Being a state of exquisite handicraft and traditional forms of art, it has become popular through numerous mediums thus reflecting Odisha’s cultural heritage through brilliant refined skills artisans. Here you can find a glimpse of various art forms and crafts with respect to noted place in Odisha which makes to stand out for their intricate beauty.

  1. Stone Carvings

In sculpture and temple architecture, you can find distinctive variety of styles and motifs that reflect the innumerable archaeological, monuments of Odisha. This has marked to bring exceeding height of excellence perfected through centuries of disciplined efforts and generation of artisans.

Odisha art & crafts

  1. Pattachitra

Pattachitra is one of the traditional art form of Raghurajpur village in Puri of Odisha usually created on a special paper handmade from tamarind seeds. The colours used are the natural extractions from flowers and fruits and are mixed in powdered shells from oceans and the paste is applied to make paintings.

Pattachitra Odisha art & crafts

  1. Sand Art

Sand art carvings and sculpture has been historically been rooted in Odisha dating back to a long time. Being a distinctive type of art form, it is popularly a well recognized art in Puri and is also across the world. There are extravaganza creations from artists, who leave their footprints near the Puri sea beach.

sand art in Odisha

  1. Silver Filigree

Among all the handy-crafts of Odisha, silver filigree is one of the most finest and unique craft situated in the Cuttack and some of its nearby villages. There are highly skilled art form dating back 500 years and are locally called tarakasi. Here the local artisans carry silver drawing through a series of smaller holes producing strands of wire.

Silver Filigree in Cuttack, Odisha

  1. Applique Works

Applique work is an original traditional forms of temple art where artisans bring their mastery to stitch colored clothes in various shapes. The artisans of Pipili have reproduced saris and other attires and designed to create remarkable work of art. You can find applique holding a creation crafts in every household, shops and streets and witnessing to make it more eye-catching.

Applique Works

  1. Paper Mache

As seen from the term, these are made from paper, cloth and different kinds of natural fibres. Odisha is predominantly known for practising the crafts of paper mache and you can see crafts persons producing toys, hand bags and masks out of specially made papers. These are beautiful, strong and durable creative art forms.

Paper Mache arts & crafts in Odisha

  1. Palm Leaf Etching

This art is originally practised with the beginning of written communication techniques when messages were printed on palm leaf. However, these texts with image forming trend began to become an art in itself in most of the regions of Puri and Cuttack.

Palm Leaf Etching Odisha Arts & Crafts

  1. Terracotta Crafts

Terracotta crafts is one of the distinctive art form popular among various parts of Odisha. These crafts bear the traits of the locality and are exquisite designs that produce special mark to skilled artisans.

Terracotta Crafts