Swosti Group of hotels has always shown the spirit of a pioneer. Dedicated in its courage it has again showcased Chilika as its next venture to promote tourism there. It has opened its accommodation Chilika and named it “Swosti Chilika Resort”. On the picturesque location of Chilika, this resort has grabbed the attention of visiting nature lovers and given them ample joy by introducing to them a unique natural place, like Chilika.

swosti chilika resort pool side
Swosti Chilika resorts-Why the best in hotels near Chilika Lake?

Chilika Lake has always remained a paradise for the visitors to the state. The facilities and conveniences offered by Swosti Group are simply incomparable as no such hotels near Chilika Lake have come up with such provision for the entertainment of the visitors to this great natural harbor inside the state. In Chilika, the bountiful nature holds all in a capsule form. Divinity, natural beauty, birds’ sanctuary, and greenery co-exist in this natural place in such an order as to define the greatness of this natural place as unique and second-to-none with its mind-bewitching beauty.

swosti chilika resort
Swosti Chilika Resort- an exception in service

Besides offering visit to the waters of Chilika, the resort of Swosti is exceptional in every aspect. Literally, with the best of facilities in its range of services, the resort has made its best efforts to create a ‘home away from home’ for its guests to tswosti chilika resort stayhis place.

Let’s have a glance at its services inside the resort.

  • The resort offers excellent facility at its Spa, where the guests can relax and revitalize themselves, while enjoying the bountiful nature.
  • The stay inside the villas with water front is soothing and it gives enormous peace of mind.
  • The resort has outstanding facilities for banquet and convention center
  • The guests can enjoy the best entertainment programmes inside the resort.kids game zone swosti chilika resort
  • This is the only resort to come up with water sports facility at Chilika, where the guests can take a lot of pleasure.
  • The resort also has the state-of-the-art gymnasium and the guests can bust their stress fully with a regular workout regimen.swosti chilika resort front
  • Besides gymnasium, the resort has the best retreat for Yoga and meditation, where the guests can get complete mental calm, while they enjoy the scenic natural treasure in Chilika.
  • With all such facilities, Swosti resort is just not a lake hotel at Chilika Lake, but it can give the guest a lifetime experience.

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